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Barrel Line System

Barrel Line System

Type Barrel is a part coating process that uses a barrel. The part is placed in a slowly rotating barrel and immersed in the coating solution.

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Our Machine

Our Line Barrel using Automatic system that is equipped with a baking furnace

  • 02 Barrel Machine Unit
  • 1200 Ton Monthly Production Capacity

Our Production Process

See how we manufacture the best products for you.

Advantages of Using the Barrel System

Advantages you can get by using our Barrel System:

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    Consistency Thickness

    The same thickness on the product surface

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    Production in large quantities

    The ability to process large quantities of parts quickly

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    Good Function

    The product works well

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Types of Chromate

Here are 3 types of chromate we have:

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We Have Another Line System

Hanger line system that can be used to process big part or complex parts.

Hanger Line

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